Saturday, March 21, 2009

Grocery Challenge, part 3

I'm starting to think that I'll actually be able to do this. Though, many of the casseroles I had lined up I've made already. But still, only one more week and still plenty of food in our cupboards. I'll just have to be more creative.

Yesterday I decided to make banana bread with some of the bananas in our freezer and realized I was out of flour. I went to Smiths because I wanted to see if I had to spend all $25 on my card all at once, or if I could do it a little at a time. I wasn't planning on using it, though, since I'm trying to do this without the buffer, but it ended up on there anyway. Oh well. I'll keep track both ways.

Then today I wanted to make a fruit salad with the cantaloupe and kiwis from last week, but without any other fruit, that's kind of a lame fruit salad, so we stopped by Buy Low today. Great news is, I only used half the fruit (well, only a tiny fraction of the kiwis) and had enough to feed three people with leftovers, so I'll be able to make another fruit salad to send with lunches.

Flour: $3.89
Tax: $0.12
Total: $4.01

3 Pink Lady Apples: $0.24
2 bananas: $0.44
Tax: $0.02
Total: $0.70

Budget left: $8.85 ($4.84 w/o buffer)
Buffer left: $20.99

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