Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Challenge

So, for March I had a $100 grocery budget. However, I didn't have a strict challenge on eating out. We stayed under our vague budget for eating out, but we both knew it could be better. (Though, for the record, we did have 2 weekend trips this month, so there was eating out along the way which we wouldn't have done at home.) So for April, we decided to make a goal that included all food expenses. $150. This is groceries and eating out. To make it even more fun, our cupboard is pretty bare from last month, and we're moving, so eating out is going to be very tempting. However, we're determined. So if any of you know of any good recipes that are cheap to make and last for several meals (we don't mind leftovers), please share! We're thinking we'll have lots of pasta, rice, potatoes and soup this month. :) Also, this time I think I'll just do weekly updates instead of an update for each shopping trip. (Unless a specific trip is just too amazing not to post.) And hopefully I'll get back to couponing for other stuff as well this month and you'll get updates on that as well.

Budget left: $150


  1. In your cookbook from your wedding is a recipe for "Chilighetti" and for 2 people it lasts atleast 2 sometimes 3 meals.

  2. My "food storage" soup is called 3 Bean soup. It's one of those things I always keep a couple recipes worth on hand.
    1/2 lb. hamburger cooked (if you like it meaty you can do a whole pound, but it's cheaper and still good with a half)
    2 cans stewed tomatoes (look for the ones w/ green pepper and onion in them, you can also use fresh green pepper and onion and fry it with the meat)
    1 can kidney beans
    1 can garbonzo beans
    1 can pinto beans
    (you can usually find the canned goods on sale for .50/can)
    2/3 c. molasses, (this is expensive unless you find a good deal or buy in bulk, that's why I just keep it on hand.)
    salt, to taste
    Mix it all up and it's good for 2 meals and a few lunches.

  3. Also, one of my goals w/ our $170/ month food budget (including eating out and all) is to get something to store, so my cupboards continually grow. Like Pres. Hinckley said about food storage: start with a week, then a month, then three months. I'm so surprised at how much my food storage has grown each month, just by spending the rest of my grocery budget at the end of the month on food storage instead of rolling it over to next month (I'm not sure if that makes sense)