Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grocery Challenge, final

Yesterday was the last day of the month. It was also my turn to make dinner for dinner group. I was also out of milk and had had to borrow eggs from someone else. So, after work, I decided a quick trip to Smith's was necessary.

  • Crescent Rolls: $1.25 (saved $1.34)
  • Milk: $1.49 (saved $0.36)
  • Eggs: $1.00 (saved $0.37)
  • Salad: $1.27
  • Roma tomato: $0.21
  • Tax: $0.16
  • Total: $5.40

Budget left: $3.45 (-$0.56 w/o buffer)
Buffer left: $20.99

Overall, I think I did pretty good for the month. I only went $0.56 over my allotted budget (and it came out of my buffer, so I didn't actually spend any money on it). And that was after realizing that of my allotted $100, I only had $28 to spend. $28.56 for 2-3 weeks isn't bad, methinks. Granted, now my cupboard are pretty bare... but we're moving this month, so that might be a good thing.

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